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(how we ensure your data is safe and secure)

Data Capture

data capture.

We use devices with defence-grade security

We have optimised the Docket app for use on Samsung Knox enabled devices. These devices have defence-grade security with multi-layered security and hardware integrated encryption. When used as part of a full system we also utilise additional Knox features that allow us to improve security further.

data transfer.

We use a multitude of techniques to ensure that data is communicated with the server without intrusion

We can provide you a document that outlines the specific measures in place upon request. We do not place these specific measures online.

data storage.

Your data is stored on a secure UK server

We store your data on a Microsoft Azure sever, hosted in the UK. The sever has had an uptime of 100% since it

was built (meaning that at no point has the server been down) 

We are independently pen tested

Before each new software update or release we are independently pen tested by an external consultant, to ensure ​that the system and the data within it is secure. We have passed all PEN tests since the first software release in April 2019.

(the purpose of a pen (penetration) test is to identify security vulnerabilities in a software application of system; in the test they attempt to break into the software system by performing standardised attacks and 'hacking' into the software).


We use a multi-factor logon on Docket and Dashboard

We use a standard multi-factor logon method for signing into Dashboard and the Admin area of Docket. Users are required to enter the company name, their user name, and password. Passwords can be reset but will require the entry of the user's email.

We use a two-step logon on Docket (for order completion)

We have developed a novel method of password logon for order completion, that combines security with ease of use. Rather than requiring a password entry, users tap their user ID card followed by the order ID card, to log into an order; the data about the order is then hosted temporarily on the phone, and users logged in to the order are logged out after five minutes. 

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