The Elements Starter Kit provides you with everything required to try out the Elements Platform in your own facility for a month.

the Elements Starter Kit

  • The Starter Kit provides a manufacturer with a license to use the Elements Platform for one month; allowing one order to be completed at any one time, with up to eight users. The hardware provided within the Starter Kit allows for the operation of the Docket app, the Dashboard web app is accessible through the Google Chrome web browser.

     In addition to the contents of the Starter Kit, to use the Elements Platform you will require an active internet such as WiFi to operate the mobile phone (no SIM is provided), and you will need a computer (or internet connected device) with the latest version of Google Chrome to access the Dashboard app.

     You may need to install a new version of the app during the month trial period. If this is the case we will provide clear instructions on how to do this at the time.

     Full details of the terms and conditions of using the starter kit can be found here.

  • 1x Android mobile phone with the Docket app pre-installed

    1x charging plug and cable for the mobile phone

    8x contactless user cards (for eight users)

    2x contactless order cards (for one order at a time; with a back up order card)

    Access to the full Elements Platform for one month (30 days); which includes use of both the Docket and Dashboard apps (depending on user type). The web address to access the Dashboard web app will be provided upon purchase.

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