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Mobile App

Completing Orders

  • Single tap passwordless user and order log on (using contactless ID)

  • Single tap data collection (capturing timestamped user inputs of when tasks are started and ended)

  • View order name, number and customer (if provided when creating the order)

  • View PDFs of technical drawings

Performing Quality Controls

  • Provide written feedback (for checks and tests; feature triggered in order creation)

  • Provide photo evidence (using camera function; feature triggered in order creation)

  • Tasks locked to non-QC users; preventing untrained users from preventing certain tasks.

Writing User and Order IDs

  • Write User IDs (such as User ID cards)

  • Write Order IDs (such as Order ID cards)

  • Rewrite Order IDs for an existing order (for lost cards)

  • Create multiple Order IDs for a single order (allowing the concurrent performance of multiple tasks at the same time)

Web Dashboard

Building Orders

  • Build new orders as a checklist of phases and tasks

  • Include order details such as product specifications

  • Create and use order templates for repeated orders (automatically populating checklist and order details)

  • Provide a Unique Order Code (or use default Elements code)

  • Attach a customer’s name to an order

  • Attach PDFs of technical drawings and/or other documents

  • Provide customers with an order tracking code (Trackable)

Quality Control Features

  • Request typed feedback (e.g. for inputting test results; available on individual tasks)

  • Request a photo is taken (e.g. for providing evidence of test performance; available on individual tasks)

  • Assign tasks to trained users (ensuring performance by qualified individuals)

Viewing Work-In-Progress

  • View individual progress bars and summaries for each order

  • View current task being worked on or next task to be completed

  • Open detailed order views including feedback and photo evidence

  • Open a scrolling workflow for display on the shop floor

  • Pin prioritised orders to the top of the scrolling workflow

  • Pause and delete orders

Viewing Completed Orders

  • View summary list of completed orders (including order code and name, and completion time and date)

  • View full details of individual orders including feedback and photo evidence

  • Search and filter orders by name, customer or date

  • Restart previous orders (using order as a template that can be modified)

Exporting and Integrating

  • Download full details of an individual order to Excel

  • Download summaries of multiple orders to Excel

Creating Users

  • Four different user types with differing levels of access for different job roles:​

       - Admin (full access to both Dashboard and Docket apps; unique ability to create and modify users)

       - Office (full access to all order features but cannot modify users in Dashboard; full access in Docket)

       - Observer (can only view ongoing and completed orders in Dashboard; reduced access in Docket)

       - Standard (Order completion functionality in Docket only; no access to Dashboard)

  • Admin, Office and Observer users get a supplementary Standard account allowing them access to the order completion functionality in Docket.

Modifying User Accounts

  • Users can modify their account settings (including name, email address and job role)​ 

  • Users can change their password

Accessing Help and Support

  • Get straight through to a staff member using our chat feature

  • View video walthroughs of all the features

  • Discuss use cases with other users in our forum

User Login

  • Password login for the web dashboard required for Admin, Office and Observer users

  • Password  login for the admin mode of the mobile app (allowing the writing of User and Order IDs; Admin and Office users only)

  • Standard Users log into Docket by tapping their User ID (requires User and Order IDs to login to an Order)

Elements Docket Plus.png

The same features as shown above, plus the following dashboard features...

Web Dashboard

Integration (by API)

Integrate with any software program using our restful API/

  • Start orders from templates in an external software program

  • Export daily, weekly or monthly production reports

  • Export production overviews

Predictive Analytics

  • View estimated date of order completion (calculated using order template histories)

More analytics features will be added in subsequent updates coming in late spring and early summer. The features added will be based on feedback from existing docketplus+ customers.

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