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introducing Cuppa by Elements,

a revolutionary new productivity solution for manufacturers.


blending tradition with innovation

rehydrate and relax with Cuppa, a revolutionary new productivity solution made for manufacturers, by non-manufacturers

intuitive and hand-held, Cuppa is a proven way to reduce stress and boost productivity in your factory

artificial intelligence and machine stirring

utilising artificial intelligence and machine stirring, we've created the world's first multi-purpose beverage for manufacturers

Cuppa combines world class design from our design studios in Don Valley, YO; with the world's finest components sourced from across the world

... not really. It's just tea.

whilst everyone else seems to want to complicate things, we like to keep things simple; so if you want a hot beverage, have a cup of tea; if you want a real way to boost productivity in your factory try Elements Docket.

a truly useful innovation

Elements Docket is easy-to-use production management software for SME manufacturers. Track orders with contactless technology, and provide live work-in-progress to staff across your business with our web dashboard. There are no devices to integrate or install, meaning you can start tracking orders in less than half an hour.

...and you can try it in your factory with our 14-day free trial.

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