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we've teamed up with Starling Solutions to offer free use of our software to manufacturers of ventilators, test kits and vaccines.

Elements Technology and Starling Solutions provide software solutions that help manufacturers to track, digitise and organise processes, as well as quickly and repeatably train staff. Both utilise android phones and tablets, meaning that the solutions are easy to use, and (crucially) quick to set up. They can also  be set up remotely from the factory, with minimal instructions provided to production staff on the factory floor.

Because of this, we believe that they may be useful in the rapid setting up of new manufacturing processes, and the scaling up of existing processes; and therefore want to offer the use of them for free to anyone involved in the manufacturing effort to reduce the impact of Covid 19

Elements Technology provide a software solution that helps manufacturers to track, digitise and control manufacturing processes using android devices. It also includes Quality Control features (allowing users to record test results and take photos) that can support accreditations such as ISO 9001.

All data can be remotely accessed, allowing non-production staff to remain up to date with production without being required to be on site; and it can even be remotely set up for a factory in under an hour.

Our software may be helpful to manufacturers looking to quickly set up a new manufacturing process, or for manufacturers that are moving staff off-site to work from home or self-isolate.

elements technology (Orange Background).

Starling Solutions create software that helps manufacturers to provide work instructions to their staff members using tablets. Using images and videos, the software enables production staff to carefully follow a defined manufacturing process, and work instructions can be created in under an hour.


It can be set up remotely in less than a day; meaning that you don't need to visit the site to install devices or equipment.

Their software may therefore be helpful to manufacturers looking to quickly train staff members on a new and unfamiliar manufacturing process, or for manufacturers looking to train new staff to upscale production of an existing process.


if you are a manufacturer of anything involved in fighting Covid 19, and are interested in our help and support, please leave your details below and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible. Please tick the boxes of which solution provider(s) you would like to hear back from. 

we'll be in contact shortly

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