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Why do manufacturers use Elements Docket?


Elements Docket enables flexible working

Using Elements Docket, Carpenter Additive were able to plan, view and manage production from home, meaning that lockdowns don't disrupt business as usual.

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You could be tracking your first order in five minutes

Download the app, sign up for your free account and start tracking your first order... by making a brew.

Russell C.

Engineering Development Manager

"Using Elements Docket has increased our visibility and reporting on key engineering projects, saving us several hours of management time every week"


Callum. W

Production Manager

"When we did the maths, we worked out that we were saving about 28 days worth of time. So by using Elements, it means that we can effectively plan to do more."


David L.

Process Engineering Manager

"The Elements Technology team have been fantastic in supporting our efforts towards creating a more digitally visible and controlled shop floor."

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