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setting or changing your password

To ensure that your data remains secure we use a robust and reliable security process. This can sometimes lead to issues when creating passwords, so please follow these instructions carefully to avoid any problems.


To start, please ensure you perform this process using Google Chrome only, if you do not have Google Chrome, please download from here


In Google Chrome, please go to


Open the email containing your account details and temporary password


Carefully copy the company code and user name into the relevant boxes shown on the login page of and double check that they match what is provided in the email


Now carefully copy the temporary password, making sure not to copy a space after the password (as is a common issue), and paste it into the password box. Now click 'sign in'


You will now be redirected to another screen to change your password to something memorable to you.


(If for some reason there is an error, please follow the details at the bottom of this page) 


Input your temporary password into the top box, type your new personal password into the other two boxes, and click the 'save changes and sign in' button 


You should now be signed in and redirected to the Elements Dashboard software


If for any reason your account is locked at any stage, please follow the below process

On the main sign-in screen, click on 'forgot password' and provide your company code (in your previous email) and email address. This will send you a new temporary password

Please follow the above process from step 1, using the details contained within the new email

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