introducing the all new

including analytics features that allow you to quickly identify whether your orders are on time or not

(an elements docket plus feature)

more information for your sales team

see how likely an order is to be on time

using the history for an order, we are able to tell you how likely your order is to be completed on time, both before it is started and as the order progresses

quickly identify late orders

colour-code your


make it easier for staff across your company to quickly identify any orders that are behind schedule, allowing them to be prioritised and ensuring all work remains on time

mistakes happen, but they can now be undone

greater flexibility

when completing orders

you can now perform several tasks concurrently, allowing you to perform convergent and divergent orders. You can also undo starting or ending tasks, including rewriting comments and retaking photos

try it now with our

fourteen day free trial 

all you need is an android phone with NFC (the ability to use contactless technology) and we'll send you everything you need to try Elements Docket Plus in your factory

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